Hoist the mainsail!

Organisations move slowly. Customers move quickly.

Customers can change their behaviour with the wind, while organisations have procedures in place to ensure that change is deliberate and controlled.

The cost of change is great for an organisation and if you make a wrong turn it’s expensive to correct.

For the individual, diverting one way or the other is quick and simple.

They follow instinct, trend and interest.

That’s why we have a lot of catching up to do and always will.

Individuals are yachts while organisations are super-tankers.

In this case, size matters and the spoils go to the most agile.

I say this because there is a greater recognition of the importance of digital media and change is happening slowly.

We are now past the early-adopter stage in digital marketing.

Digital activities are now essential to certain branding and communication scenarios.

We are seeing how they can deliver real returns and glimpse the full potential of engaging with HCPs online.

We are also seeing how digital can be highly targeted and provide multiple touch-points in a campaign.

The change is something we should get used to.

This is not a problem to be solved and then left.

We’re not going to see someone say “Here it is, I’ve found the answer.”

Heterogeneity and fragmentation are only going to increase.

That’s the way media evolves.

New devices will come along, new types of devices even, new online channels.

Achieving reach and share of voice will not get easier, while the transferability of successful activities decreases in a landscape which is ever changing.

The biggest opportunity is comes in changing our approach.

It’s in realising that we can provide a different type of value to customers, can have a deeper and richer level of communication with them and that the change can be a good thing.