Can you create a favourite?

Have you noticed how many web sites you visit regularly?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll visit lots of different sites in any week, but the number of sites you go back to on a regular basis is actually quite small.

You’ll probably have a core of favourites that you trust and return to time and again.

Is your website a favourite of anybody’s?

How could you make it one?

It’s more difficult to bring a customer back to a site than it is to attract them there in the first place.

With search marketing and well-placed banner ads you can create a site for one-hit visits and convince some people to stay on your site for several minutes.

If you want to take the one-off campaign approach of target, push and move on, then that’s fine.

The ads create a promise, and you’ll get people who believe that promise enough to click and visit your site.

But bringing them back requires more: it requires you to go beyond the promise, namely to integrate a variety of interactive features and have good content that is continually refreshed and extended.

Promoting your site through search and ads will give you reach while repeat contact will give you depth.

One is quantity, the other is quality.

We can’t dismiss quantity of course, an essential starting point is to create awareness.

But the greater opportunity for changing opinion comes with building an ongoing dialogue that says you’re in it for long-term.

Analytics can give you insights into this: the number of visitors compared to the number of visits, abandon rates, page dwell time and visitor pathways.

Beneath the metrics are clues to how a site is perceived and used and what type of relationship exists with the audience.


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