Video is king

In the world of marketing and communications video has the unique ability to attract and hold the attention of a viewer. More than print, editorial or static imagery.

But it’s not just about duration of attention, it’s the power of video to explain complex themes and convey data in a memorable way that makes it the king of content marketing.

Video allows you to mix different styles, from talking head interviews to slides to animations and combine them for maximum effect.

Studies1,2 show that video increases traffic, dwell time and click-through rates and it is dominating online content.

Two trends are worth remembering here: first, people have a very short attention span these days, and nowhere is this more evident than online; and second, we are innately lazy, meaning that video is easier to consume than reading an editorial.

That’s why we spend more time watching TV than reading novels, like it or not. These are two facts that make video content more attractive to viewers than plain text. And it’s why video will continue to grow as a medium online.